Monday, July 9, 2007

cubs bow out

The KCB Cubs have bowed out of the 2007 Eric Shirley Shield league following a 20-32 aggregate defeat to Strathmore University at the semi final stage.This is the third successive time that the Cubs have bowed out at this stage.A 17-13 victory over the varsity lads at the Lions' Den was not good enough to overturn the 3-19 defeat they had suffered in the first leg at the Nairobi School.The Cubs will now turn their attention to the Mwamba Cup which they will attempt to win for a record fourth successive time.

The Kenya Cup clash between the KCB Lions and Mean Machine was postponded due the heavy involvement of several KCB players in the national team who beat Cameroon 22-19 in Cameroon on Saturday to qualify for the CAR Cup Semis.

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