Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wazee- Vijana update

By John "OJAY" Ojara

Preparations are at the peak for this epic event due to take place at the Lions Den, Ruaraka. The wazee have gone into camp and are training at an undisclosed location under the skillful eye of former New Zealand international Tana Umaga. During a recent interview Umaga said quote "The wazee are all set for the big clash. There's nothing more i can add. We are polishing up on a few moves at the backrow, but their fitness levels are surprisingly way above the required levels." Tana Umaga is on a coaching tour and was invited by Wangila "the Hitman" Simiyu to give a few playing tips to the wazee squad.

Meanwhile wazee utility player Henry "total fitness" Emuye has yet to report to camp and had this to say during a phone interview earlier in the week, "I've total confidence in the wazee team. My training here in Eldoret with Jelimo's fitness coach was neccessary in order to take advantage of the high altitude conditions. i'll report to camp as soon as possible."

More news soon...

Meanwhile a request by the Vijana team to have 22 ambulances on standby for their use was turned down. Speaking to the press their acting acting captain Oscar Mango had this to say, "we are young, we haven't lived long enough and so we need assurance that each of the vijana players are covered 24-7 during the duration of the match. i forsee heavy injuries on our side and our chics will be on the sidelines. i've never been so afraid." Speaking from their training camp at Ofafa Jericho their star player Aaron Lubisia requested for a donation of boots and shorts and appealed to well wishers to support their cause. In his words he said, "Even though we are going to loose why not loose looking smarter (sic)".

Vijana will be naming their squad tonight at Apple Bee's and are requesting anyone with coaching abilities to help with last minute tips on how to loose with less than 20 points. Vijana have never won a match since the last century when wazee/vijana clash begun.

More news soon...


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