Thursday, August 9, 2007

KCB supporters club

To support the development of the club towards semi-professionalism through:
1. Organizing a viable supporters club base
2. Raising funds to support uplifting the profile of the club
3. Raising funds to support the well being of players
4. Supporting the club to plan for the future through a medium term strategic plan
So far, this is still an idea in the oven. However, it has received backing from several personalities and will be expounded soon when a meeting of like-minded supporters is called.
However, to kick start the process, Mr. Bell Okello (also supporter of the year 2006), has initiated a reward system for the players of the current Kenya cup. The system is elaborated bellow;
Pre 2007
In the preceding years, fans and supporters of the club have been giving small rewards to the players after victories in the form of small donations for entertainment (usually a crate or two). This has been much appreciated by club players and officials. Also, the supporters have cheered the team up and generally uplifted their morale before, during and after games.
As this season approached, I decided on my own that there is need for a better system of rewarding players after their efforts in entertaining us through playing and also winning important matches. In addition, I had a short meeting held under the of the team Manager – Mr. Wangila and a KCB player who is also a KCB employee Mr. Toili. This meeting discussed the need for more structured support and planning for the future of the club.
My idea this season is not to pay small sums of money to reward players immediately after the games. I would prefer to sell the idea of collecting ‘these rewards’ in a structured manner and giving them out at given intervals during the season. However, because we have not put measures in place to do this, I propose that we collect the ‘individual’ rewards and give them out to the team during this year’s AGM or dinner dance.
The proposal for team reward
I propose that we reward the team based on performance in the field. To this end, there are several clearly measureable attributes that we can use including:
• Number of tries made
• Number of points gathered
• Number of successful penalties converted
Many fans have unanimously supported this idea. Consequently for a beginning, we propose to raise enough money to match the number of tries scored. Reward will be based on the number of tries scored
To this end, I’m in the process of selling tries already scored to potential buyers @ KES 1,000.0. Response has been tremendous. Time allowing, we may be able to sell the points scored as well as penalties converted. I propose that we sell each point earned at KES 500 each, and penalties converted at KES 300 each.
In addition to this, I’ve already secured a supporter who will fund the most valuable player of the year to the tune of KES 3,000.
I now urge you all to support this initiative
Please contact the undersigned for further discussions and support. Please register your name with me and pledge your donations.

Yours Sincerely

Bell D Okello

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mark emitati said...

Thats great guys.Bring the cup home guys.and congrats to the Kenya have done us proud.we are doing our best huku



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