Friday, December 22, 2006


KCB Lions celebrate a second consecutive Kenya Cup National League Title at The Lions' Den.

"It's mine to keep..." John Ojara "Ojay" hoists the Mwamba Cup alongside KCB II Captain Ronald "Toto" Njoga.KCB II won the trophy for good after beating Nakuru RFC 27-13 in the final at the RFUEA Grounds.

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Anonymous said...

Not bad for KCB, at least they have a website decicated to them. Other than that nothing to write home about.

For a club that recently won the Kenya Cup we need to read more about its history. Where is it. The club was formed in 1989 after KBL RFC was disbanded i believe. Mark Andere has that history.

Everybody sports lover is attracted to history. Where are the green and red of KCB of yesteryears? and the former great players.

There should be collated results of previous times and player profiles. Give the site a bubble!

And people get turned off by flat poorlyl written articles apart from the jokers whose literacy is questionable anyway. So, give the stories some journalistic standards.

And is that OJ? He looks like he has no idea what he is lifting. Did he come straight from a bar to ask for "what is this shiny empty thing?"?

Congrats on a good 2006 season anyway.

Is Tank coaching KCB this season again? The last i had he wanted more time to spend at the bar counter.

First Blogger

Anonymous said...

I think that is OJ. He must be having trouble lifting his biceps. When is training starting for the new season starting?. Can't wait to test my biceps at the bar in Ruaraka.

Dave aka davie

Anonymous said...

The trophy is called the "Mwamba Cup" (of which KCB 2 won - refer to picture caption) and any rugby follower would know that such a scene occurs when you win a final so am guessing the above bloggers either have been no where near a rugby final or are die hard "city stadium" goons. Symo please forward the seasons fixtures to them so that they can be on the know, we wouldn't want another surprise comment on the site come another win.

Anonymous said...

Tch, tch, tch. Why are some people getting touchy over fair comments made to elicite reasonable responses. The last i had the orginal Mwamba Cup was never returned by, was it Impala?

This year's fixtures are not out yet. I guess i will just have to wait for the next Six Nations. I think there is more action there.

The serious rugby payers should have started training by now. In our days - I used to play this shit, contrary to what some of you on this site may be thinking - and by the end of January we were already playing friendlies and replacing last season's boots.

I could give some training tips. But let's save that for the pitch.

First Blogger

Anonymous said...

The first blogger must be quite lost from the rugby scene. The Mwamba Cup has been at KCB for the past 3 years (not lost) and that's why KCB got to keep it last year. Maybe your talking about the fire that burnt the 1st Impala Club house in the 80's... and even so the Mwamba Cup was not in it... so...?

As for training, traditionally Kenyan clubs start training on the second Tuesday of January (or 2nd week of Jan for those who train Mon, Wed & Fri)... so unless you where playing your rugby in TZ then you are quite out of touch with Kenyan rugby.

As for the comments on peoples off the pitch activities or alleged activities there are other sites for that kinda stuff. So lets stick to rugby and maybe you'll learn that new rules where added to the game since you were away.

Anonymous said...

And who is this anonymous who is so sissy he/she cannt even use an acquired name. In rugby we used to call such guys wobblers - all talk but no action, and very, very useless on the pitch.

I think i will go to the Canterbury Crusaders blogsite where i will meet fellow like minded people instead of lesser mortals who hide under a no name.

First Blogger

Charles Nyende said...

Seventeen years of existence.

Not bad for KCB. First you guys win Kenya Cup, twice in fact, then you have some sort of website.

I tried winning Kenya Cup for almost 10 years of top flight, intense rugby action playing alongside great players but came a cropper. Makes me envious of all those grinning faces on the picture.

We talked of having a website since the late 1990s. Another up, though anyone can put one up as easily as making a left-sided rugby pass at walking pace (maybe Stooge and Pau may have problems with that). Thanks to ICT advances.

Remember guys, winning is sometimes the easy part. The hard part is defending.

This season KCB will be the team to beat. All teams will be hell bent on preventing the magical, awe-inspiring three in a row. Let's go for It!

I guess winning is not everything. It is the only thing!!

Keep it up

Charles Nyende

Anonymous said...

Winning my ass. KCB is a johnie came lately with two miserly Kenya Cups and they are now going all over town boasting about what champs they are. What balderdash! They sound like 25 year olds who just had their first sexual experience when some of us started doing it at 15 years.

Compared to Nondies, Quines and Impala you guys cannot even form a shadow.

Please leave the bragging rights to the real champions

Pissed off

Anonymous said...

Anonymous number 1, I guess your mother didn't teach you about logic in your youth (thats if you have a mother). Don't you realise that you are anonymous too... in fact the King?

As for other sites, learn about the you local scene first before you move over to the crusaders you may get a heart attack on seeing the progress of the game (it has some new rules you know)... otherwise just stick to City Stadium riots.

Anonymous said...

Mr/Mrs. Pissed off,

If you claim be be a "real champion" (or are dating a "real champion"), why haven't you de-throned KCB from the champions throne for 2 years now? Remember its not only the Kenya Cup they have but a majority of the other trophies across the board from the under 21's through the 2nd's and onto the 1st team... i think that dictates that they are doing something right... constantly... hence true champs.

Anonymous said...


relax and don't be afraid. You've not opened a can of worms by activating the live forum blog section. As it is anonymous bloggers can unfortunately be easily traced and are actually all known coz:

1. The number of guys who were told of this site for comment purposes where not more than 12! (after all the site has not been launched coz this is NOT a site).

2. The IP address trace software is bringing up VERY interesting results!

I'll keep you posted.

Yours Faithfully,




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